Objavio: marino72 | Kolovoz 26, 2009

Raspored Modula 2.

Najavljujem drugu u nizu od šest radionica za stjecanje ‘Temeljnog HR certifikata’ iz područja upravljanja ljudskim resursima.


Datum: 4. i 5. 09. 2009. godine – petak i subota – od 8,30 do 17,00 sati i od 9,00 do 14,00

Opis: Posebno u vrijeme recesije pouzdan i objektivan sustav pribavljanja i selekcije kandidata je od najveće važnosti. Definiranje kritičnih zahtjeva pozicije i razvoj adekvatnih strategija pribavljanja i zadržavanja talenata predstavljaju ključni izazov za HR praktičare. Na radionici će se kroz praktične primjere prikazati suvremene tehnike i strategije oglašavanja, pribavljanja i selekcije kandidata, s naglaskom na metodologiji i instrumentariju koji je na raspolaganju.

Na radionici će se kroz dvije studije slučaja analizirati aktualne mogućnosti oglašavanja i HR brandinga (The market within: A marketing approach to creating and developing high-value employment relationships, by Linda Schweitzer, Sean Lyons) te specifična metodologija selekcije kandidata kroz primjer izraelskih specijalnih postrojbi (Israeli Special Forces: Selection Strategy, by Boris Groysberg, Tal Riesenfeld, Eliot Sherman).

Recruitment and Selection: A New Talent Acquisition Principles

Day One
9:00 Talent Acquisition and Sourcing
Today, effective talent management is strategically important for any organisation. Participants will get practical insight on issues such as designing a selection process which will ensure that the best people are recruited, planning and undertaking effective one-to-one interviews, recognising the importance of using a range of selection tools and finally, differentiating between those candidates who ‘do a good interview’ and those that can ‘do a good job’. Finally, they will be advised how to bring soundly-based selection decisions and will get insights in tools necessary to build a solid business case and strategic plan to execute it.
(Additional reading: The Definitive Guide to Recruiting in Good Times and Bad by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, Boris Groysberg, and Nitin Nohria)

11:00 PAUSE

11:30 Effective Employer Branding
Employer branding is becoming a compelling business imperative at the present day. Participants will be presented case studies on how the world’s most successful employer brands attract, engage and retain talent. They will learn how to develop a strong employer brand and enhance organization’s ability to attract, engage and retain critical talent. Additionally, they will be advised on how to strengthen the relationship between HR and customer-facing business partners in line management and marketing.

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 Case Study 1
(The market within: A marketing approach to creating and developing high-value employment
relationships, by Linda Schweitzer, Sean Lyons)

In the battle for high-value talent, managers need to think like marketers, creating job offerings and employment relationships that provide mutual value for firms and their employees. Through 3-stage framework application of marketing techniques to the recruitment and retention of highvalue employees will be presented and discussed. The ultimate proposed outcomes of this approach are increased performance and stability of the firm.

15:30 PAUSE

16:00 Utilizing Alternative Sources – Social Networks
More and more Internet users are embracing online social networks as a way of meeting new people and maintaining existing relationships. Participants will learn about the latest developments in online social networks, how to become better visible within LinkedIn, develop a powerful recruiting network, generate interesting leads, the best tips to search talent (and avoid high costs) and how to turn potential candidates into new hires.

Day Two
9:00 Tests and Selection: The Practice
Once candidates have been captured by a recruitment system, the process of gathering detailed personal information begins using various assessment procedures and tools. Participants will get practical insights at some broad types of selection situation, from high volumes sourced externally to cases of internal selection. In conjunction with these areas a number of issues of general relevance in psychometric applications, Including cut-off scores, and the interplay between tests and other procedures will be discussed.

10:30 PAUSE

11:00 Case Study 2

(Israeli Special Forces: Selection Strategy, by Boris Groysberg, Tal Riesenfeld, Eliot Sherman)
Ron Guntz, commander of recruiting for Israel’s Special Forces, had been instructed by his superiors to evaluate the process by which he selected solders for its 20-month long training program. Was the Army conducting this process in an ideal manner? Participants will examine the Special Forces training in light of the types of missions soldiers are expected to execute and will consider whether the Special Forces recruitment and training process identifies the best possible candidates for future Special Forces service.

12:30 PAUSE

13:00 The Future of Selection Technology
How will selection and assessment in the future be different from how it is today? How our knowledge of and ability to measure, personality and intelligence will be reflected in new assessment methods and techniques? Participants will be challenged to discuss potential societal and scientific changes that will no doubt influence how we assess individual differences in the workplace. Comments on these changes will be provided, some of them are already very apparent; others are on the horizon.



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