Objavio: marino72 | Listopad 13, 2009

Compensation & Benefits: Establishing and Managing Rewards System

Planirani termin Modula 4. Sustavi nagrađivanja pomiče se na 30. i 31. listopada 2009. godine.

Planirani raspored (eng):

Day One
9:00 Total Rewards Management
Participant will get insight in what is required to formulate a rewards program that has the power to attract, motivate and retain—total rewards. They will be introduced to the total rewards model and each of its components. Emphasis will be given to the five elements of total rewards: compensation, benefits, work-life, performance and recognition, and development and career opportunities.
11:00 PAUSE
11:30 Base Pay Administration
In this part of the workshop participants will discuss on the principles, design, implementation and evaluation of an employee base pay program. Exercise will show how to design a pay program that is fair, competitive and supportive of an organization’s compensation strategy. Additionally, they will learn how to address the effectiveness and efficiency of pay programs with monitoring and evaluation.
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Improving Performance with Variable Pay
Case Study: Incentive Problems in a Software Company by Jeffrey Pfeffer
The fundamentals of variable pay will be presented with focus on compensation strategy and variable pay. Participants will learn about the three categories of variable pay, how to identify common business strategies and objectives for achieving them and will discuss the activities for designing the structure of the plan. Using the case, they will learn how to implement, communicate and evaluate the success of the plan.

15:30 PAUSE
16:00 Strategic Communication in Total Rewards
Participants will get a general overview of total rewards communication that begins by establishing the purpose and value of strategic communication along with discussing how behaviors can be influenced by communications. In addition, an eight-step process will be provided with guidance for creating an effective and efficient communication campaign. Furthermore, specific communications related to special situations, such as a merger or acquisition, will be highlighted.
TOTAL DAY ONE: full time: 8,5 hours / effective time: 6 hours)

Day Two

9:00 Regulatory Environments for Benefits Programs
This part of the workshop will give an overview of regulatory requirements for employee benefits programs. It will examine how state regulations influence each of the main types of employee benefits plans — health, retirement or paid time off. Participants will learn administration and communication regulatory requirements for benefits plans, including due diligence obligations for mergers and acquisitions.
10:30 PAUSE
11:00 Linking Rewards with Performance
Case Study: Mobil USM&R (A): Linking the Balanced Scorecard by Robert S. Kaplan
Case study will reveal a key concepts associated with measuring and rewarding performance at the organization-wide, group and individual levels. Issues that will be addressed include: the performance management system and process and measurement, sources of individual motivation and the link between rewards and performance. Steps needed to apply and align the performance management process at different levels within the organization will be proposed.

12:30 PAUSE
13:00 Conducting a Competitive Salary Analysis
Participants will be provided with consistent and effective methodology for marketpricing benchmark jobs within an organization. They will review common compensation strategies, base pay structure design, and use of a job worth hierarchy. Finally, they will learn how the data from salary surveys can help them develop the market rate for benchmarking jobs.
TOTAL DAY TWO: full time: 5 hours / effective time: 4 hours)
TOTAL: full time: 13,5 hours / effective time: 10 hours)



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